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[community profile] towerofanimus Recap

[YEAR 1]
  • Tower Report
  • Game Start
  • Network: First Network Post
  • Network: Reminder of Q&A in the dining hall
  • Log: First Q&A

  • Tower Report
  • Expansion

  • Tower Report
  • Zo's Network Post
  • Event: From Worlds Beyond
  • Event End; Tower Expansion
  • Network: Zo just wants to help
  • Network: Fix'd!

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Leashes
  • Event End; Message from Admin; Tower Expansion: First Block Complete
  • Event: Experiment; IC Sign ups
  • Log: Partner finding

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Experiment; Beginnings
  • Event: Experiment; Stage One
  • Event: Experiment; Stage Two
  • Event: Experiment; Stage Three
  • Log: Dax is not happy with Riki (first indication of Ruana)
  • Log: Captivity
  • Log: Surgery (locked to comm)

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Experiment; End
  • Minato and Rose's Guide disappears from around the Tower for OOC purposes
  • Event: Is this Home?; Start
  • Network: Experiment results
  • Network: Zalgo LIVES
  • Network: Zalgo STILL LIVES
  • Network: Say your good-byes
  • Log: Is This Home?

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Is this Home?; Stage Two
  • Event: Is this Home?; End
  • Event: Malfunction
  • Network: Zo's punishment

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Malfunction; Stage Two
  • Event: Malfunction; End
  • Event: Fun and Games; Sign ups

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Fun and Games; The Midnight Game
  • Event: Fun and Games; Intermission; Chocolates
  • Event: Fun and Games; Hitori Kakurenbo
  • Log: The Midnight Game
  • Log: Dax talks to Ruana
  • Log: Hitori Kakurenbo

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Fun and Games; End
  • Event: Collar Swap

  • Tower Report
  • Event: All in Good Fun
  • Tower Expansion
  • Event: A Question
  • Event: Labyrinth; Sign Ups
  • Event: Labyrinth; Instructions
  • Network: Dax warns about Jason
  • Network: Gandalf Asks After Zo
  • Log: 1st Evil Meeting

MAY (Jason)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Labyrinth; Start
  • Event: Labyrinth; End
  • Network: Character punishments
  • Network: Jason is an ass
  • Network: In which Zo is most certainly not scared
  • Log: Labyrinth
  • Log: Team Armageddon
  • Log: Operation: Tear Shit Up
  • Log: Fellowship of Animus Recruitment Log

[YEAR 2]
JUNE (Ruana)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Infighting; Sign-ups
  • Event: Infighting; Week Two
  • Event: Infighting; Week One Voting & Week Two
  • Event: Infighting; Week Two Voting & Week Three
  • Event: Infighting; End of Week Three & Week Four
  • Log: Infighting Week One
  • Log: Infighting Week Two
  • Log: Infighting Week Three
  • Log: Tower Takeover Plot

JULY (Riki)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Infighting; End
  • Event: Mousetrap
  • Event: Mousetrap 2
  • Log: Mousetrap
  • Log: Dream Plot
  • Log: The Fellowship of Animus
  • Log: Blind Dates

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Breach
  • Event: Breach; Aftermath
  • Network: IT'S A WHAAAAAALE! 8DDD
  • Network: Can you manage for another day?
  • Log: Pandemic

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Breach; End
  • Event: Bodyswaps; Sign ups
  • Event: Bodyswaps; Part One
  • Event: Bodyswaps; Part Two
  • Event: Bodyswaps; End
  • Network: Jason snarks at everyone
  • Log: 2nd Evil Meeting

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Trick or Treat; Part One
  • Event: Trick or Treat; Part Two
  • Event: Trick or Treat; Part Three
  • Event: Trick or Treat; Part Four

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Trick or Treat; End
  • Event: Communications Failure; Sign ups
  • Network: Dax reassures the residents
  • Network: Riki reboots the Network to fix Communications Failure
  • Network: Subject 037

  • Tower Report
  • End of Year Discussion Post
  • Event: Epidemic; Sign ups
  • Event: Epidemic
  • Event: Epidemic; End

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Tower is Forever
  • Event: Tower is Forever; Start
  • Event: Tower is Forever; End
  • Fifth Block added
  • Network: Ruana invites herself to Reno and Elena's wedding
  • Log: Reno and Elena's Wedding
  • Log: Ruana drops in on Xion

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; Part One
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; Part Two Sign ups
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; Intermission: Silly Love Songs
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; Part Three
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; Part Four
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; Part Five
  • Event: Tower of Fatorum; End
  • Network: Event foreshadowing
  • Network: Do you want to play a game?
  • Network: Riki and Zo fighting off Nyarlathotep
  • Network Post: Death of Dax
  • Log: Ad Visitatores
  • Log: Answers and Questions
  • Log: Ad Visitators, Part Two
  • Log: Little Finger
  • Log: Ghost Watching
  • Log: Bath Game
  • Log: Something Unexpected
  • Log: I am not Eye
  • Log: The Haunter of the Dark

  • Tower Report
  • Floor 101 Added
  • Event: Like a Lion
  • Log: Dark World Event 1/3
  • Log: Dark World Event 2/3
  • Log: Dark World 3/3
  • Log: Love Fool

APRIL (Jason)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Rebellion; Sign Ups
  • Event: Rebellion; Start
  • Event: Rebellion; End
  • Event: Rebellion; After effects
  • Brainwashing starts
  • Log: Zelda and Co. Go into the depths

MAY (Riki)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Rumor Has it; Sign Ups and Prep
  • Event: Rumor Has It; Start
  • Event: Rumor Has It; End
  • Event: Idealism; Sign ups
  • Log: 3rd Evil Meeting
  • Log: Chip Chip Revolution
  • Log: Pandora Ball
  • Thread: Of Contracts and Indulgences

[YEAR 3]
JUNE (Ruana)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Idealism; Start
  • Event: Idealism; Game Start
  • Event: Idealism; Game End
  • OOC: Pandora post
  • Log: Glamour Failure
  • Log: Monsters in the Dark
  • OOC: Monster tracking post
  • Log: England has some 'splaining to do
  • Log: Ganondorf has a mini-evil meeting
  • Log: Barricade
  • Log: April tries to be productive!
  • Log: Monsters, part deux
  • Log: Mercy killing
  • Network: Glamour is up
  • Network: Enoch has a story to tell
  • Network: Lord El-Melloi II needs a damn cigarette
  • Network: >> Feferi: Hear the people sing!
  • Network: Ruana opens the floor to game questions
  • Network: Patchouli shares what she's learned
  • Network: Ruana gives people a hint
  • Network: Ruana makes Dr. Seuss proud
  • Network: America hurt a lot of people
  • Network: V/V wants someone to sleep with

  • Tower Report
  • Event: Cognizance
  • Player Plot: Collar Boycott
  • Player Plot: Hacking!
  • Player Plot: Hacking! Change of plans!
  • Player Plot: Monster Souls
  • Player Plot: Infiltration for equipment
  • Player Plot: England does something stupid
  • Player Plot: Number Stations
  • OOC: Hacking! Punishment Plotting
  • Log: Zelda and Enoch read Dax's research
  • Log: ProtoArcher and Shinji BOND!
Log: Suzaku reacts to being a Monster
  • Log: Bad guys get together
  • Log: Sayaka returns to the Tower
  • Log: Persona meeting!
  • Log: Richtofen performs surgery (locked)
  • Log: Tower population >> SPREAD THE INFO!
  • Log: Zo comes for a visit
  • Log: Hacking! Log
  • Log: Hacking! Punishment
  • Log: Collar Checkup Boycott
  • Log: Never Let Me Sleep
  • Log: Massive Infiltration
  • Log: a 2013 Diversion!
  • Network: Yukiko is awesome
  • Network: Richtofen apologizes
  • Network: Memento Mori
  • Network: Call for a checkup boycott
  • Network: Waver responds to the Call for Boycott
  • Network: Nesir's response to the Boycott
  • Network: Richtofen wants to do something different
  • Network: IC Anon meme
  • Network: The Observer posts the results of Dax's research; Jason makes an appearance
  • Network: Pandora outs itself (not that it wasn't out already....)
  • Network: Shepherd is not pleased with you all
  • Network: Initial call for Hacking!
  • Network: Ganondorf wonders why the hell people care about those stuck on their worlds
  • Network: Diarmuid looks for help copying the Guide
  • Network: Guide goes live
  • Network: Ken is done with y'all
  • Network: Doc posts his hacking findings
  • Network: Start: Operation WRECK THIS SHIT (to distract the admins from the infiltration)

August (Jason)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Individuation; Pre-event
  • Event: Individuation
  • Event: Individuation; End
  • Player Plot: Number Stations Reminder
  • Player Plot: Collar Fluid Research Plotting and Sign ups
  • OOC: Individuation Death Toll Poll
  • OOC: Infiltration Discussion
  • A Letter: Elevators
  • Log: Catch and release
  • Log: America is swarmed by shadow children
  • Log: Xion recovering from Infiltration shenanigans
  • Log: April and Aleph get married
  • Log: Team Nolo reunion party
  • Log: Cabin Fever
  • Log: What did we get in our mailboxes?
  • Log: Collar Research: START!
  • Network: Rick enlists Sephiroth's help in doing something stupid
  • Network: Aleph announces his and April's engagement
  • Network: Jason trolls people
  • Network: Zelda asks about the phantoms
  • Network: Who blew up the elevators?
  • Network: RE: Naivete
  • Network: Elevators
  • Network: Rick, you done did something stupid
  • Network: First transmission
  • Network: Second transmission
  • Network: Is anyone out there?
  • Network: Third transmission

September (Riki)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: Quarantine, part 1
  • Event: Quarantine, part 2
  • Event: Quarantine, Part 3
  • Event: Quarantine, Part 4
  • Event: Quarantine, End

October (Ruana)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: If You Don't, Sign Ups
  • Event: If You Don't, Part One
  • Event: If You Don't, Part Two
  • OOC: Plotting Post for If You Don't

November (Zo)
  • Tower Report
  • Event: If You Don't, End
  • OOC: Plotting Post

December (Jason)