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Plot Guide to Tower of Animus (WIP)

Hi all! The name is Random. I've currently been in Animus since January of 2013, but I first joined it back in July of 2011. I've had to drop the game twice due to real life sucking twice, but right now I'm in it for keeps. The purpose of this post is to consolidate a general explanation of knowledge the characters would likely have going around the Tower.

This is largely also so I can just have one wikipedia-like entry ready for when people ask plot questions instead of having to answer five million of them. Plus it makes a good general reference for when people begin to theorize stuff as everyone in the game greatly enjoys doing!

This thing will be a work in progress until the game ends in June. Plus there's a lot of plot information to get through in general and it will need constant revising. So please check back often if you're referring to this at all! ♥

Content Warning: EVERYTHING EVER. Seriously. Animus does not slouch on the horror bit. We have everything from eye gouging to severe psychological trauma. Do not read this guide or click on any of the links unless you have the stomach for it. There is so much squicky stuff in this game it is downright useless to try to do content warnings for every last thread.

Further reading can be found in THIS POST, which lists all the signficant posts and threads over the course of the game. Another good place to check is the full navigation post on the mod journal.



Ruana: Ruana is in charge of the administrators. She enjoys playing games, and has by far the strongest powers of the administrators. She punishes disobedience severely. She tends to be in charge in February, June, and October.

The main antagonist of the game so far. She's very childish and seem to honestly believe everyone in the Tower owes her their lives. It doesn't seem to occur to her that her "games"--which generally involve maiming and killing people--are hurting people and she doesn't understand why people are upset. She's spoiled, selfish, and vindictive, and has the strongest powers out of all the Admins, though the nature of the Admin's powers were called into question recently. She loves romance, drama, and tragedy, and thinks as long as there's a reset button, everything is okay.

Ruana is more or less confirmed to be over a thousand years old, having been born before the world was attacked by the Virus. It's been hinted she had been experimented on for psionic abilities before the worlds were destroyed. A common theory going around the playerbase is that Ruana may have been patient zero for the Virus or caused it somehow.

Ruana's powers can manifest primarily in her ability to flash step. Basically she will appear somewhere without fanfare, as if she had always been there and you didn't notice until you blinked.

Fun fact: Ruana is a voyeur! She claims she's been watching the people in their homeworlds for a very long time before bringing them into the Tower. Given the number of times we've seen monitoring equipment in the Administrative levels? This is very likely.

Dax: Dax was a bad dog.

Dax was the Administrator who had been in charge of keeping order in the Tower. He had been shown a lot of empathy in the past by the residents of the Tower, which caused him to have compassion for them. He was the largest advocate for the rights of the Tower's refugees and did the best he could to improve their lot and protect them.

Things came to a head when he outright rebelled against Ruana and called her out for her cruelty against the residents. This ended in his death with Ruana literally eating him.

He had powers over order and chaos. After he was killed, Zo took over his months in charge of the Tower.

Fun fact: Dax is nutritious.

Jason: Jason is an administrator in the Tower; he is in charge of research, medicine, and the collars. He does know what he's doing in these departments, but he also tends to view the residents of the Tower as convenient subjects for experiments. Jason tends to give the bare minimum to residents while in charge. He tends to be in charge in April, August, and December.

The surgeon. Jason is in charge of reviving the residents of the tower, collar maintenance, and the food supply. During the months he runs the tower he's known for performing awful experiments and seeing the residents as nothing more than test subjects. Until Ruana made a proper introduction of herself during the In-Fighting event, he was the most-hated of the Administrators.

Fun fact: Jason is a dick.

Zo: Zo is a little boy who is capable of bringing people to the Tower. He doesn't quite seem to know the full impact of what happens in the Tower. He tends to be in charge in March, July, and November.

Zo is connected to the Tower and was born when the rescue mission first started. How exactly this happened we have no idea as of yet. His major power is to create barriers to protect himself and others around him. He is the one responsible for the notes that new arrivals wake up with. It was recently confirmed his powers are legit as when the tower's glamours were down he was able to astral project and save England's soul.

Zo doesn't seem to understand the concept of death, thinking the characters' being repaired is all it is. It's unknown if this has changed recently with Dax's death.

Fun fact: Zo is barely two years old.

Riki: Riki is an administrator in the Tower; he is in charge of Tower construction and network maintenance. He doesn't talk much. When in charge of the Tower, he tends to warp things around in some way. He tends to be in charge in January, May, and September.

Riki is the quiet sort. He doesn't say much but what we know of him is he takes pride in the work he does on the Tower and he is protective of Zo. Other than that, he is a mystery. When he uses psionics it involves using the Tower itself to his advantage and floating computer screens. Most months when the Tower had floors added were during Riki's months. You do not want to mess with Riki's things.

Riki is in charge of tower and network maintenance and also looks after the Tower's power cores.

Fun fact: No. He's not Daniel Jackson.

R-037: A retrieval unit. In January of 2012, Dax began to damage the collars of various retrieval units. This allowed for them to have free will and form their own resistance under Dax. R-037 is the leader of this resistance now that Dax has moved on. She aided Zelda's party in finding Dax's research during April of 2012 when her group infiltrated the Administrative levels.

Fun fact: She is the only retrieval unit who wears glasses and is very likely to die horribly.

Other facts about the Admins: They have apparently never left the Tower in their lives.


The Setting: Is largely science fiction. A softer science fiction, but still science fiction. The Tower itself is an elaborate shelter keeping the souls Zo pulls in contained. What the characters did not realize until recently is the Glamour System in place to maintain the various illusions. The illusions as they appear while the system is in place can be found on the game's setting page.

What the reality of the Tower is can be found in the page with
the reveal listed. In short, the Glamour System is something in place to help keep people sane. It's a very complex holographic system that trick the characters' minds into thinking what they're seeing, tasting, and feeling is reality.

These illusions can be quite powerful, however. Weapons constructed of the electrified film before the system failed were still deadly and given how effective powers are on the monsters--which were confirmed as being real--they're strong enough to mimic how deadly they are. However, the security systems in place completely nullify powers when things get out of hand. The Administrators can turn powers off and on whenever they deem fit.

The residents of the tower are nothing more than their own souls. Their actual vessels are wireframe constructs similar to those in Super Smash Brothers, with the film sculpting in general features such as hair shape and distinctive qualities. This soul is floating in a fluid the same color as the fluid in one's collar. The collar is the real neck of the construct and it's confirmed that one of its functions is as an access point. During collar checkups you're essentially being given a transfusion of fresh collar fluid.

This illusion also means your character's powers, illnesses, ailments, and so on, are also illusions of some kind.

Retrieval units and drones are the same thing, minus the soul and their wireframes are red.

Currently there is no clue as to what the Admins look like without the Glamour System up.

Resurrection: The process is described in the Something Unexpected log. The gist of it is that the wireframes of the bodies are placed in a machine and the soul is filtered out of it into a ball of violet collar fluid. The ball is then taken to Jason's surgery where he places the soul in the vessel and modifies it. Once Jason is done, they're taken up to their room to be acclimated in their bed/pod.

Retrieval units and worker units have no souls in their wireframes.

The World Outside the Tower: The Tower itself is in a large city and on top of what appears to be a normal office. Outside it appears to be always night with no sun and stars. From inside the Tower, it looks like there's a thick fog over everything.

The Fog: Is part of the Tower's defense system. Anything that goes through it will be shredded.

The Countdown: Chip Chip Revolution succeeded! The Tower is now running on back up power, which will run out on June 3rd, 2014 if something isn't done about it.


Ruana's Quarters: (WIP) Library, princess bedroom.

Zo's Quarters: (WIP) Child's room.

Jason's Quarters: (WIP) Hax security. Lab.

Riki's Quarters: (WIP) Riki is tripping on LSD.

Dax's Quarters: (WIP) Order and so on and blah blah blah.

The Nature of Souls: (WIP) Is discussed a bit here. The Phantoms are Zo's attempts to bring people here with their bodies in tact.


End of Worlds: Virus is the best way to describe what is destroying the worlds. You can see a simulation of what happens and Jason once showed a character the actual feed of the destruction of her homeworld. The Administrators say they're tracking it and that it travels like a Virus, consuming worlds adjacent to the previous one. The Virus destroys all life on a world, right down to the protozoa and bacteria. The effects of it are described in the above link.

The Administrators' world was attacked long before they (except Ruana) were born. It's unknown how anyone managed to survive here or how they're managing to track it. As evidenced by the breach event, there is life outside the Tower. It's just unknown of what sort or if it's all related to the monsters or not.

Returning to your homeworld: When a character is dropped or hiatus, they return to the dead world. Once there, they will find they are in their real bodies and that they do not need to eat or drink and cannot die. Suicide attempts will only end in illness and injury, but the character will ultimately still survive, making them for all intents and purposes immortal, their soul forever trapped within their bodies.

At least, that's one option. Players have the option of characters not remembering where they went while dropped if reapped or hiatused.


What happens if a character has the wrong collar color?
I asked this once. The mods responded with an event.

What happens if the collar is removed?
Link to Roxas getting his removed and dying horribly.

What happens if we boycott the monthly checkups?
Mostly the retrieval units go nuts

Leash event. Body swap. Known classifications. (Dead/spirits/god/hax == violet; Muggles == orange). Tetra switching to Indigo after the Triforce appears.


Chip Chip Revolution: Zelda, Tohko, and Enoch received letters from Dax after his death detailing that he left them part of his research on the Tower in the Administrative levels. When Jason took people to be operated on and brainwashed in the Rebellion event, Zelda and Enoch gathered several people together, had Naoya hack into the elevator, and went down to retrieve the research. The log for it can be found here, but the gist of it is that Dax was breaking the collars of various workers and retrieval units. One of which, R-037, helped the group get into Dax's bedroom where they found a box.

They brought this box back to R-037 and at the beginning of May, R-037 gave the box to Zelda in her mailbox. It was filled with microchips that needed to be placed around the tower by the beginning of May. Zelda rounded up her army harem and the group managed to, in secret, get the chips placed.

The result was that, during a security scan done at the beginning of every month, the Tower's main three power supplies were knocked out, which knocked down the Tower to only the basest of life support. From that day, the Tower is living on borrowed time and part one of Dax's research was found by Enoch on Floor 101, near the only "real" tree left.

In-Fighting: After the labyrinth event, Jason and Dax get into a scuffle. This scuffle leads to Ruana waking up from her "nap" and suggesting they turn it into a game. What followed was a horrific reality TV style game show that involved body modifications, consumption of medical waste, and proving just how sick Ruana is.

The most notable things about this event is this is the first time the PCs were introduced to Ruana. The other notable thing is the "game" got cut short thanks to Ganon infiltrating the Admin levels. Zo had been left in charge of the Tower by himself and done a very bad job of it. The other Admins came to his rescue. Riki was considered the winner of the event despite it being cut short and he ran the Tower for the next month.

Labyrinth: Jason pit characters against one another in a complex maze filled with monsters. Characters outside the maze could "sponsor" characters at a cost involving nightmares. Anyone in the labyrinth who died would live out their worst fears.

England won the event as the last man standing and was "rewarded" with the powers of everyone who had died for a week.

Something Unexpected: This log. The Administrators' Elevator not-so-mysteriously opens up while Persona-verse!Nyarlethotep is fighting against the Strings characters. In this log we discover the nature of resurrection within the Tower, see what the Administrators' individual offices and quarters look like, and find out that residents are sometimes brought down to aid in various tasks. Residents brought down to help have their memories wiped of it after and have no clue of whenever it happens.

Space Whale: A space whale (technically flying whale) attacks the Tower. This catches the Admins completely off guard as they had thought it extinct. On top of that it breaks the Admins' "potential breach" scale. The whale manages to break through the barrier, breaks off the dorm levels of the Tower, then tries to dive down the center of it, wrecking the place. The thing then explodes, releasing monsters everywhere that twist and warp. Apparently it was an ark of some sort.

The characters manage to hold it off and the last of the monsters are slain by the Admins themselves. Shortly afterward, Riki repairs the Tower.

Boycott: (WIP) In which the residents boycott the checkups, the retrieval units go haywire, and


Pandora: The resistance movement led by Princess Zelda. Named, inadvertently, by Lucifel during an infiltration of the Administrative levels of the Tower.

Evil Meetings: Ganondorf holds meetings with the various evil people of the tower to consolidate alliances and plan things out.

Chipped Units: R-037's group of worker units with chipped collars. This group was started by Dax in January of 2012, with R-037 being the first he did it to. They are able to exhibit free will and think for themselves and have largely formed their own resistance. They are constantly on the move in the Administrative levels of the Tower to keep the Admins from discovering them and are slowly working on processing other retrieval units to their cause.

The only people who know of their existence are the members of Zelda's party to infiltrate the Administrative Levels.


Princess Zelda's Notes


"Gomen for x": Twi (Yu Narukami's player) made an icon during the "Space Whale" event of Dax that read "Gomen for whale" as a joke. That's it.

"Punching Jason": Originating from Sayaka's player, Matchre. Jason is a big enough dick everyone wants to punch him. There is a joke going around the best ending could be that everyone can line up and punch Jason.

"Captain Cinnamon Claws": Terezi Pyrope named her teddy bear Captain Cinnamon Claws during the "Fun and Games" Event in February of 2012. This is the bear that got the most kills in during the Hitori Kakurenbo portion of the event.

"Zelda's Army-Harem"/"Zelda's Armada": Princess Zelda has a massive amount of CR and has been one of the major movers of the game's plot. The playerbase likes to joke her CR is her harem and it truly is large enough to be an army of its own.

"Obligatory Pony.gif": Mel likes to include .gifs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in her modposts. It's become a bit of a trend.

"Jason is a Slap-Chop": THIS GAG TAG during Something Unexpected, right before Jason pulled out people's souls while still conscious.

"Obligatory TVTropes Page": Because what game doesn't have a TVTropes page these days?

"The Fellowship of Animus": What the playerbase called the forerunner to Pandora before it was officially named. Princess Zelda tried to publicly get it together, but it was considered a failure before the underground group happened to fall in place.

aaaaand that's that! If you see any errors, broken links, or what not here or on the link list let me know. Until then, happy RP!

-- Random ♥