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Tower of Animus Tribute

1. Individual elements were done with pen and ink on vellum bristol, then cleaned up, combined, and minimally edited using GIMP.
2. Originally the Tower, the shadow children, and Captain Cinnamon Claws were going to have their own portraits. As my concept sketches progressed, Captain Cinnamon Claws and a version of the shadow children got worked into Ruana's while a tiiiiiiny bit of the Tower got worked into Riki's. I finished the shadow children's picture first. You can view it HERE!
3. I was all "YES! FINALLY!" when we found out Riki's true form since his was the only piece I hadn't been able to finalize yet due to a lack of knowledge on his true form.
4. I finished inking Ruana's the day before we got the reveal about her true form.
5. Part 2 will be out once we get an ending.
6. Jamie and Char were totally in on this.