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Sick Days (with Chris)

Fever. Chills. An inability to keep much food down.

Zeheart had gotten ill over the last few days and while Merlin's brews would keep him from getting ghastly, he still needed to remain in bed as much as possible to regain his strength. His fiancee was knocking on his door, a tray containing some warm stew in her hands. She was still clad in her royal finery from her day at court and willing to take any possible excuse to avoid the headache of deal with nobles arguing her choice in betrothed once more.

She had made her choice and no amount of arguing would sway her form her course. Especially now that she was beginning to feel stirrings in her heart that were more than simple friendship with him. Especially now that she had shared one of her most closely guarded secrets with him in the form of Avalon. He had proved loyal and true and she was not going to change her mind now that she knew him. Heaven or hell, she was set on Zeheart as her choice.

But for now, the maids and cooks were too worried about catching his sickness to bring his meal up to him and so she had brought up his meal. When she was bade enter she opened the door, fur cloak trailing behind her as she walked in, the crown still on her head. She gave her fiancee a playfully haughty look:

"You, sir, are going to make up for having me face those vultures alone once we are wed."
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Being sick was an alien experience to Zeheart. Not that he had never gotten sick, but rather that he seldom came down with anything. Where he had grown up, the most common illness was often fatal, and they'd developed an improved sense for hygiene -- plus Zeheart had a naturally strong immune system.

Yet here he was. Naturally, he blamed himself for it. How could he afford to go and get sick at a time like this?

One thing that was nice, however, was the company. He was quite pleased to have his fiancée deliver his meals and medicine herself. When she entered the room, he was propped up against his pillow and offered her a weak smile.

"Perhaps I shall have to deal with them alone myself. They'll be free to say what they like to me, and I might even have the chance to drive one off through a duel or the threat of one."
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Zeheart shook his head. He hadn't been serious. And though challenging some of them to duels (he was completely confident that he could win against all of them) was a tempting idea, it would ultimately cost more than it gave.

"It hasn't been terribly bad. I've been able to catch up on reading. I'd fallen behind after my first command, so this is letting me make up for lost time."

Sure enough, there was a sizable tower of books sitting next to his bed. It contained both myth and truth, both religion and science, mathematics and philosophy.

"But please don't take that as wishing to read over spending time with you. In fact, it's quite the opposite."
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"This one."

Zeheart reached out to his nightstand and picked up the book that had been sitting on it. It was a collection of some of the writings of several famous Greek philosophers. Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato all were within.

"I felt like I should understand more about the roots of philosophy if I'm going to help you rule a kingdom. So far, it has been quite enlightening."
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"If it exists, they have covered it. The ancient Greeks had some fascinating ideas, and I feel like some of their feats deserve a second look."

Zeheart began to work away at his food. "I feel like Aristotle's thoughts on ethics and politics might be interesting to you. He felt that some actions were righteous not because they were the right thing to do -- though they usually were -- but rather because it was the purpose to which an individual was suited."
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"Another of his beliefs was that ethics and politics, though related, are two separate concepts." He paused for a bit to down some more of his food at a reasonable pace. "Ethics were considered for the good of the individual, whereas politics were for the good of the city-state. Or kingdom, in our case."
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"Not necessarily. The needs of an individual and the needs of a group can be similar." Zeheart pauses from eating.

"Sometimes a person might have to accept a loss in order to make a net gain for his group."

After that, though, he fell silent and simply stared at his tray. He knew this too well; it's happened before. Men under his command have sacrificed their lives to further their cause. In a way, he felt like he was betraying them by turning his back on Lord Ezelcant, but he decided it wasn't worth pursuing a dream as twisted as his.

That didn't mean that he didn't feel guilty, though.
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If Zeheart was surprised by her action, he didn't show it. In fact, he seemed to be open to it, tilting his head toward her shoulder.

"I know."

That was all he could think of saying. Every day he was plagued by doubt, and he wanted to leave it behind. He wasn't sure he would ever get past his own guilt, but as long as he learned to cope with it, he could manage.

"Thank you."
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"For supporting me. For giving me a chance." Of course, there was more, but he didn't want to go into every little detail that he was thankful to Arturia for. He may still feel guilt for actions in the past, but at least as long as things were like this, he could follow through with conviction.

Because, after all, this felt right.

"You give me a confidence I thought I'd lost. And for that, I thank you."
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Zeheart was now himself grateful they weren't looking at each other face-to-face. He tried with all his might to keep his eyes from widening.

His heart was practically ready to burst out of his chest. A feeling, a mix of relief and joy, came over him.

"That...that means very much to me. More than I could ever express. With those words, I know I can cast aside my doubts."

With that, he wrapped his own arm around Arturia's waist. "I myself am grateful I was given this opportunity, and not just because of my own ideals. You've made this very, ah...enjoyable for me."
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"I always harbor doubts." It was time for him to be blunt. His ordeals, his sacrifices, all paid a toll on his psyche. "I imagine I will until my dying day. Some doubts I can assuage; others haunt me like ghosts."

In a way, they were ghosts. His doubts constantly manifested as some of the men who died under his command. Daz Roden, who launched a suicide attack to cripple the enemy's ace; Dole Frost, who gave his life to save Zeheart's; and his own older brother, Desil, whom Zeheart had chosen not to help when he charged like the psychopath he was into a battlefield and got in over his head.
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"With the way you comport yourself, I never would have guessed."

Of course, Zeheart figured that that was intentional. A leader always has to put on a brave face for the sake of the people they are leading. That was a lesson he himself had to learn during the past few years.

"I don't know how much it will help, but you are always free to vent your insecurities to me."
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Zeheart did not say anything in response. Instead, he tightened his hold around her waist in a manner he hoped was reassuring.

Really, he hoped he didn't have to say anything. He wanted to express his support for her through his body language, at least for the time being. He wasn't sure what to say to make her feel better, so he just opted for that instead.
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"Is that so? Well, don't feel as though you owe me anything. You've helped me more than enough already."

Zeheart didn't move from his current position. Why should he? He was comfortable.