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Counter Guardian Arturia @ Tower of Animus ([personal profile] no_longer_a_king) wrote2012-12-15 06:37 pm

AU Main Points (WIP)

+ Arturia manages to win the Grail via Bad End 13.

+ As per her wish, another King is chosen in her place and Arturia is essentially erased from existence to become a counter guardian. He does prove to be a better king than she.... for a year or so.

+ However, since Angra Mainyu's presence means it can only grant wishes through destruction, the king chosen in her stead inevitably becomes a tyrant and seeks world domination. At one point he seeks to awaken Angra Mainyu in the past and the World deploys the Counter Force to stop him before he winds up destroying humanity. Arturia is forced to completely slaughter Camelot, screaming internally all the while that this is not how it should have turned out.

+ Arturia basically breaks after having destroyed Camelot and every time she is summoned to fight tries desperately to stop herself from killing innocents. However, this is almost always futile and she finds herself slaughtering again and again millions upon millions of people for the sake of "humanity's future."

+ If put into a proper game she's more or less quiet to the point most people would think her mute and would find the break from being forced to kill an utter relief. Unlike Archer, since Arturia was erased from the timeline she doesn't have the hope he does that killing his past self will somehow stop her fate and, thus, finds her fate utterly futile. As a result she'll likely take on a very YOLO! personality.

+ YOLO! as in "doing stupid stuff because she feels like she has nothing to really for and her life no longer matters."

+ Her form is Saber Lily just because I find it funny. There's no deeper meaning behind it.