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Player Information

Name: Random
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Age: 26
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Other Characters Played: Nope. Though I've played here in the past. Twice.

Character Information

Character Name: Arturia Pendragon
Character Series: Fate/Stay Night
Character Age: 25-ish. She's possibly hundreds of years older, but has lost track of time due to her duties as a Counter Guardian.
Character Gender: Female
Alternate Universe
Canon Point: Whenever in canon your character is from.
Background Link: Saber's page on the Type Moon wiki
Fate Route Since this AU branches off from there.
AU Background: This AU branches off from and extrapolates Bad End 13, in which Arturia kills Shirou. The two had grown somewhat close during the war, but Shirou behaved oddly to Arturia. Sometimes he would be warm to her and treat her like a human being, even be insistent on it. Yet after they were forced to perform a tantric ritual to recharge her mana circuits, he ignored her. He made fun of her, insulted her, and she herself was confused by her own feelings, feelings she had not felt before.

Then Shirou proclaimed he loved her and Arturia, in a moment of weakness, slept with him, claiming it was only to give her more mana for the oncoming battle. The next day Shirou goes to the church to talk to Kirei Kotomine and when he doesn't return, Arturia goes after him, finds him in a basement filled with horror. The never-dying victims of the fire Shirou had lived through were being used to sustain Gilgamesh's prana supply and this was, naturally, mindbreaking for Shirou.

Kotomine offered Arturia the Holy Grail, in exchange for the boy's life.

Arturia only considered it for an instant.

And then she took Shirou's life.

After that it's hazy due to Arturia being in shock. She'd only considered it for a second, a mere moment. She'd never thought she'd be capable of ending the life of someone she cared for, possibly even was in love with, just for the sake of her goals, especially when there were obviously many, many alternatives out there. Saber had never taken the easy way if it meant going against her morals and now.... now....

For the sake of power, she'd killed the man she was beginning to believe she'd fallen in love with. Someone who she had sworn to protect, someone she had betrayed by her own hand for her own selfish desires.

Kotomine took her to the Ryoudou Temple after that. Due to the Grail having been incomplete the previous War, not all the Servants needed to die this time around. It was real. Arturia was in a state of shock as she stood before the swirling vortex containing the contents of the Grail and one thought stood out in her mind as it reached out for her:

"I should not exist. I deserve to be punished for every wrong I ever committed."

And so she was. Since she fulfilled her contract to obtain the Holy Grail, she became a Counter Guardian. However, her existence was erased from the universe. Arturia Pendragon, for all intents and purposes, never existed. Another king was chosen in her place, a king who did, by her estimation, save the nation of Albion far faster and with more efficiency than she ever had. A king whose reign lasted longer than hers.

By only two years.

The king who had been chosen in her place became as corrupt as the warring lords he had united under his banner. At the merest mention of a prophecy of his downfall, he'd go to great lengths to ensure they would not come to pass, such as sinking ships full of children, and murdering whole villages. Merlin was killed under this man's reign, and it was not long until this king came into contact with a form of the Holy Grail.

Angra Mainyu's greatest wish was to be birthed once more into the world and since Arturia's wish upon the Grail involved her being erased from history, he was birthed in her time instead. The corrupt king tried to utilize this force to secure his power, but this could have led to the end of humanity as it spread, and so the Counter Force was called by the world to ensure the corruption would not destroy all of mankind.

It sounds like a sentai team, almost, but it's not. A Counter Guardian has no will of their own when called forth, but they do have some awareness. And Arturia, her wish having been for punishment, was one of the Counter Guardians called forth to slaughter Camelot. In her mind she fought as hard as she could while her body cut through man, woman, and child alike, through innocent and guilty alike. This was not what she wanted, this was not what she wished for, yet it was to no avail.

Somehow, she managed to shed a tear toward the end of it, when Camelot was in nothing but ruins before she was called back to the Earth itself to sleep until the world needed her once more. Countless times she was called forth in this matter, countless times she fought and screamed and tried to break free with no hope for freedom. Countless times she wondered if this was her punishment for being an awful king, a horrible human being, if being made to do these horrible deeds was, indeed, what she had wished for.

And so her fate continued, until by chance she was pulled into the Tower of Animus.

Personality: At the moment of entering the game, Arturia is a person learning to adjust. For the last however-long-its-been she's essentially been screaming inside her own head and unable to control her body and carrying out the end result of a wish she didn't realize the full extent of. Because of this Arturia will be spending a good chunk of time in the tower trying to adjust and figure out just what to do with herself. If what the admin say about the world being destroyed is true she's free from her duties as a Counter Guardian and if it's false she'll return to the same hell. She'll be very quiet and keep her thoughts to herself

Due to the nature of her duties as well as the events that led up to it, Arturia sees herself as a monster. She had long seen herself as an honorable and upright person, even if she thought she was a horrible king; someone who at least did her best to live by her ideals. Then she killed her Master, someone she might have even been in love with, without a second thought. In the Tower she will be striving to do what's right in the hope of making up for this, but she now sees the futility of her wish.

That said, at her core Arturia is a stubborn and driven woman. When she has a goal she won't stop at anything to achieve it and can be very ruthless in doing so. She's prideful and stubborn and, while very quiet, is not afraid to speak her mind when she needs to. Right now, though, she has no goal and is lost on what to do. Her kingdom is destroyed, her world is gone, her existence negated by her own will, and she has nothing to live for. For her entire life she's had a purpose and this will be the first time she's ever been without one. This means there will be a lot of meandering on her part and trying out new things simply for the sake of trying to find some kind of purpose and distraction from the past. She cannot die here, so she is basically being forced to live on even if she doesn't trust herself at all.Really that's just an excuse to get her to interact with people.

She's fragile, to a degree. Even before becoming a Counter Guardian Arturia was someone who had been wracked with guilt over her deception of the people of Britain regarding her gender and would often compartmentalize her own emotions and put everyone else's needs before her own to compensate. She rarely spoke of her own feelings and the same can be said of Arturia now. The major difference is that now Arturia doesn't trust her own leadership skills. After all, her rule lead to her destroying Camelot much more thoroughly than any invader or traitor ever could. That guilt is multiplied a hundred times over and Arturia doesn't believe herself to be deserving of any kindness whatsoever. In canon, the best way to beat her in a fight was to go after her psychologically by attacking her ideals and goals. It's one of the few ways to get her to let her emotions rule her. This version it's even worse as she can't even come up with any kind of counterargument when confronted with this. She's seen through her goal and her wish and it ultimately led to hell for her, proving her greatest fear and worry completely true. This leaves her very vulnerable from a psychological perspective as she hasn't had a chance to even talk to move freely, much less talk to a person, since she made her wish. She'll be very awkward in social situations and try to hide it. The amount of success she has will greatly depend on how each interaction goes.

In general, Arturia is a friendly person. Even at her coldest she's courteous and polite to people and is not afraid to give praise when it's deserved. Her respect isn't hard to get since she judges people primarily on actions and she tends to be forgiving of most people's pasts if they can prove they've changed. As far as gender is concerned she never saw herself as any gender in particular and while she tends to act masculine at times she has her moments of acting girlish, usually where food or anything with a lion motif is concerned. Her main issue is she's very out of practice with interacting with people and it's been a very long time since she had someone she could care for. It'll be a learning experience that can go any way.

Abilities: Arturia is a Counter Guardian which is a type of Heroic Spirit who wished for help from Alaya, the spirit of the Earth, in exchange for a miracle during their life. In Arturia's case, her request had been to obtain the Holy Grail while still living and she would enter service to the world upon obtaining the Holy Grail. This led to Arturia essentially erasing her existence in the timeline itself yet somehow existing solely as a Beast of Alaya. While a Counter Guardian she was frequently called upon during times when humanity's existence was in crisis and forced to kill people, innocent and guilty alike, until the threat was completely eliminated. She was aware of what she was doing at the time, but her body was forced to move on its own thanks to Alaya's will as it cut through everything in its path.

In life Arturia was naturally gifted with the sword. Even if she had not spent time as a heroic Spirit or entered into her Contract with Alaya, she would have become a legend based on that alone. Thanks to potentially centuries' worth of experience as a Counter Guardian she has even better skills with it, on par with possibly a god. However, due to her size, a contest of purely physical strength (AKA: grappling) will end in her being defeated.

Arturia is capable of materializing her dress and armor at will, as well as the sword Caliburn. Caliburn is a powerful magical blade, but is ultimately meant to be decorative. If Arturia gathers enough prana together she can unleash beams similar to Excalibur's from the blade. Think of how Link could release beams from his sword when at full health in Link to the Past. Now up it to DBZ levels. Caliburn's swordbeams are nowhere near the strength of Excalibur's, but it'll do in a pinch.

The armor itself is magical. It's very sturdy and can repel most physical and magical attacks. However anything designed to be able to pass through magic or negate magic can pass right through it, as if she's wearing nothing at all.

Due to erasing herself from existence, Arturia no longer has the magic circuits of a dragon and, thus, has less magic and magic resistance than her canon counterpart. Most of her abilities are based entirely on the experience she has gathered along the way, which actually makes her weaker compared to most Servants despite still defaulting to the Saber class if she'd ever had the chance to be summoned as one. She also can no longer walk on water due to no longer having the blessings of the Lady of the Lake.

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