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Fever. Chills. An inability to keep much food down.

Zeheart had gotten ill over the last few days and while Merlin's brews would keep him from getting ghastly, he still needed to remain in bed as much as possible to regain his strength. His fiancee was knocking on his door, a tray containing some warm stew in her hands. She was still clad in her royal finery from her day at court and willing to take any possible excuse to avoid the headache of deal with nobles arguing her choice in betrothed once more.

She had made her choice and no amount of arguing would sway her form her course. Especially now that she was beginning to feel stirrings in her heart that were more than simple friendship with him. Especially now that she had shared one of her most closely guarded secrets with him in the form of Avalon. He had proved loyal and true and she was not going to change her mind now that she knew him. Heaven or hell, she was set on Zeheart as her choice.

But for now, the maids and cooks were too worried about catching his sickness to bring his meal up to him and so she had brought up his meal. When she was bade enter she opened the door, fur cloak trailing behind her as she walked in, the crown still on her head. She gave her fiancee a playfully haughty look:

"You, sir, are going to make up for having me face those vultures alone once we are wed."
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In another time and another place, another decision was made. Rather than try to hide herself away at the suggestion of others to avoid warfare, a young girl decided to hold to her ideals at all costs and refused to lie to her newly acquired Kingdom. This led to a time of strife among the people and a war which lasted three years. During this time, the girl led an army against all who refused to have her on the throne simply because she was a woman. Even after it was found she was the only child of the long late Uther Pendragon she still had to fight for the claims to her lands. Many Lords refused to answer to a girl.

Even once the rebellion was quelled, the girl's--now a woman's--throne was not secure. No one believed she had a right and many came forward claiming to be Uther Pendragon's son. All that had to be done to quiet them was simply show them the sword she had drawn from the stone; the sword that marked her as the rightwise King of England. This very sword that kept her body from aging. Most tried to claim her sword was a farce, but the magus always at her side would always say a few choice words to get them to back down. If none would take the High Queen seriously, they certainly did take the strongest mage in the land seriously. And if they did not take him seriously, then the various Cardinals who had witnessed her deed when they asked for her proof would confirm it.

This was the girl who had rallied the people and led an army to quell all who opposed her, the girl who had ensured the people were being fed and that the peasantry were safe. This was the girl--the woman--who rode at the front of her armies whenever an invasion came, who led those same armies to victory every single time. The Kingdom was by no means perfect under her rule, but a growing number of the populace believed she could bring the peace they so desperately needed.

This did not appease the various kings and warlords she ruled over, each one wishing for power, each one licking his wounds at the thought they had lost to a mere girl. Each one sent a warning to her: give her throne over to a man as ancient law decreed or there would be a war like no other. There needed to at least be an heir and with Arturia unwilling to name a successor, she had to marry and procure one.

They thought she would wed one of them if they pressured her enough.

Her compromise had been to at least meet potential suitors for the period of one year and choose a husband to be her Consort. Even if she still looked like a girl, she was a woman nearing twenty. If she had not drawn Caliburn, Arturia would likely have found a husband of her own long ago. One who would accept her desire to be a knight above anything else. Her adoptive parents knew she would not give her hand to anyone else, regardless of their standing.

And she would allow anyone, regardless of station or history of standing, come speak to her on the matter. She would not choose a husband based on class. If she happened to choose a noble, then so be it. If not, she would inwardly be pleased at how those hungry Lords ground their teeth.

Which is where our story finds us now. Arturia, clad in the white dress of a noble maiden, awaiting the latest in a long line of potential husbands. Part of her wondered what she had been thinking in agreeing to marriage at all. It was not uncommon for a man who married a Queen to throw his weight around and act as if he was the one in charge, even if his title was to be Prince Consort and nothing more. Arturia had been told many stories during the course of her education of Queens who had been forced out of power by greedy husbands. However, she trusted the knights she had gathered around her would sooner cut their own throats out than follow a man who had not earned their loyalty as she had.

Hopefully the next man who entered this private meeting room with the castle's finest wine and food laid out for them would be the sort of man she was looking to be at her side. And, if not, there would be others. She had three months left to decide on a husband. She did not see the rush in deciding this and, hopefully, she could find a way to avoid marriage and succession for even longer.
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For player and mod reference. WE HAVE ONE MONTH TO DO THIS PEOPLE! Comment here to let me know and I'll fill in the chart!


Dorm Floor 1: 01, 05, 06, 09, 12, 14, 20,
Dorm Floor 2: 02, 05, 07, 12, 14, 16, 19
Dorm Floor 3: 06, 10, 12, 16, 17, 18,
Dorm Floor 4: 06, 16,
Dorm Floor 5: 02,

*Thanks to the efforts of Xion, Sheba, Archer, and Guy, all the dorms are to be considered covered by the end of the month*

Floor 101: Enoch, Rin
Floor 100: Enoch, Diarmuid
Floor 99: Keyku, Fado, Rin
Floor 98: Link
Floor 97: Solas, Legolas, Sheba
Floor 96: Link
Floor 95: John, Link
Floor 94: Yu,
Floor 93: Link
Floor 92: Link, Sheba, Rin
Floor 91: Ruler, Legolas
Floor 90: Feferi, Rin (x3),
Floor 89: Zelda
Floor 88: Guy
Floor 87: Solas, Fado
Floor 86: England, Link, Rin
Floor 85: Link
Floor 84: Link
Floor 83: Yu
Floor 82: Keyku, Legolas,
Floor 81: Enoch
Floor 80: Zelda
Floor 79: Riku, Feferi
Floor 78: Zelda
Floor 77: Zelda
Floor 76: Ruler, Solas, Fado,
Floor 75: Ira, Archer
Floor 74: England, Link
Floor 73: Keyku, Enoch, Rin, Archer
Floor 72: Diarmuid
Floor 71: Ira,
Floor 70: Guy
Floor 69: Sheba
Floor 68: Link, Sheba
Floor 67: Ruler
Floor 66: Feferi, Asch
Floor 65: Diarmuid, Archer, Asch
Floor 64: Diarmuid, Sheba, Asch
Floor 63: Feferi, Asch
Floor 62: Riku, Feferi, Xion, Keyku, Asch
Floor 61: Arturia, Solas, Asch
Floor 60: Arturia, Rin, Archer, Asch
Floor 59: Arturia, Asch,
Floor 58: Diarmuid, Asch,
Floor 57: Feferi, Asch,
Floor 56: Diarmuid, Sheba, Asch
Floor 55: Diarmuid, Archer
Floor 54: Diarmuid
Floor 53: Keyku, Sheba
Floor 52: Link, Rin,
Floor 51: Xion
Floor 50: Guy, Sora
Floor 49: Ruler
Floor 48: Enoch, John, Xion, England, Sheba
Floor 47: Ruler, Rin
Floor 46: Ira, Sheba
Floor 45: John
Floor 44: Keyku
Floor 43: Riku, Sheba
Floor 42: Link,
Floor 41: Sheba,
Floor 40: John
Floor 39: John, Arturia
Floor 38: Arturia, Xion, Sora
Floor 37: Link, Arturia, Sheba
Floor 36: Arturia
Floor 35: Arturia, Archer, Sora
Floor 34: Arturia, Sheba
Floor 33: England, Arturia
Floor 32: Riku, Fado, Enoch
Floor 31: Keyku, Solas
Floor 30: Link, Legolas, Sheba
Floor 29: Riku, Link, Sheba
Floor 28: England,
Floor 27: Guy
Floor 26: Legolas, Fado, Sheba,
Floor 25: Tohko, England, Keyku, Solas, Fado, Sora
Floor 24: Fado, Yu
Floor 23: John--covered by anyone who passes through this floor with a chip by mod decree
Floor 22: Legolas, Fado
Floor 21: Keyku,
Floor 20: Xion, Enoch
Floor 19: Tohko, England
Floor 18: Tohko, Sheba
Floor 17: Solas
Floor 16: Ira
Floor 15: Guy, England
Floor 14: John, Keyku
Floor 13: Guy, Keyku, Legolas
Floor 12: Keyku, Legolas, Fado
Floor 11: Enoch, Feferi, Xion, Keyku
Floor 10: Feferi, Xion
Floor 9: Legolas
Floor 8: Link, Sora
Floor 7: Feferi, Sheba
Floor 6: Link, Fado, Sora
Floor 5: Zelda
Floor 4: Xion, Sora
Floor 3: Tohko, England, Rin
Floor 2: Zelda, Arturia
Floor 1: Zelda, Arturia


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1. "Look How Far We've Come" by Matchbox 20

2. "People Seized With Life" from Chrono Cross's OST

3. "Fallen Kingdom" by CaptainSparklez

4. "Butterflies and Hurricanes" by Muse

5. "Magia" by Kalafina

6. "Regret Message--Piano Cover" by Vân Anh Yuffie

7. "Beginner" by AKB48
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Neither rain, nor snow, nor monsters, nor Jason
shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds.

Image courtesy of Mailboxes and Stuff
In-game mailboxes not as depicted.
Void where prohibited.
Batteries not included.
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+ Arturia manages to win the Grail via Bad End 13.

+ As per her wish, another King is chosen in her place and Arturia is essentially erased from existence to become a counter guardian. He does prove to be a better king than she.... for a year or so.

+ However, since Angra Mainyu's presence means it can only grant wishes through destruction, the king chosen in her stead inevitably becomes a tyrant and seeks world domination. At one point he seeks to awaken Angra Mainyu in the past and the World deploys the Counter Force to stop him before he winds up destroying humanity. Arturia is forced to completely slaughter Camelot, screaming internally all the while that this is not how it should have turned out.

+ Arturia basically breaks after having destroyed Camelot and every time she is summoned to fight tries desperately to stop herself from killing innocents. However, this is almost always futile and she finds herself slaughtering again and again millions upon millions of people for the sake of "humanity's future."

+ If put into a proper game she's more or less quiet to the point most people would think her mute and would find the break from being forced to kill an utter relief. Unlike Archer, since Arturia was erased from the timeline she doesn't have the hope he does that killing his past self will somehow stop her fate and, thus, finds her fate utterly futile. As a result she'll likely take on a very YOLO! personality.

+ YOLO! as in "doing stupid stuff because she feels like she has nothing to really for and her life no longer matters."

+ Her form is Saber Lily just because I find it funny. There's no deeper meaning behind it.