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Counter Guardian Arturia @ Tower of Animus ([personal profile] no_longer_a_king) wrote2015-05-20 05:46 pm

Sick Days (with Chris)

Fever. Chills. An inability to keep much food down.

Zeheart had gotten ill over the last few days and while Merlin's brews would keep him from getting ghastly, he still needed to remain in bed as much as possible to regain his strength. His fiancee was knocking on his door, a tray containing some warm stew in her hands. She was still clad in her royal finery from her day at court and willing to take any possible excuse to avoid the headache of deal with nobles arguing her choice in betrothed once more.

She had made her choice and no amount of arguing would sway her form her course. Especially now that she was beginning to feel stirrings in her heart that were more than simple friendship with him. Especially now that she had shared one of her most closely guarded secrets with him in the form of Avalon. He had proved loyal and true and she was not going to change her mind now that she knew him. Heaven or hell, she was set on Zeheart as her choice.

But for now, the maids and cooks were too worried about catching his sickness to bring his meal up to him and so she had brought up his meal. When she was bade enter she opened the door, fur cloak trailing behind her as she walked in, the crown still on her head. She gave her fiancee a playfully haughty look:

"You, sir, are going to make up for having me face those vultures alone once we are wed."

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